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Priced at the top of her potential, 43 Woodsneck was as clean as it gets in terms of following a typical Nauset Management listing.

With the list price determined and cleanout underway, Jeff Marino at Rollaway Painting was on deck to refresh the interior. Throughout the 4-week process, I had coordinated and compensated the usual suspects starting with my cleaner [$475]. Next up the photographer [no iPhone photos for my listings] for the interior, exterior and drone shots as well as the floor plans and property specific website [$650]. FL Quinn conducted the required septic inspection which I always like getting out to the way immediately so that we might address any issues; none to be found [$550]. During the cleaning process, a bad solder was detected on a water supply in the basement; enter Dugas Plumbing [$220]. Next up… the case of the missing wi-fi thermostat; Purchase and sync McDonnell Mechanical [$1530]. New/code compliant smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; Paul McGrath [$600]. Fire inspection [$50]. Final water meter read [$40]. Final water bill [$55.81]. Grateful seller [beyond priceless].