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Jon Clark

As a lifelong resident of the outer Cape I was the third generation to pick up the mantel in the family construction business. In my early twenties, I called the Cape my home on weekends as I spent several years working for a variety of off-Cape commercial construction companies. My commercial site supervision resume includes two supermarkets, two HUD projects, a funeral home and a handful of steel industrial buildings as well as various restaurant and office remodels. Prior to striking out on my own, I accepted a short-term state contract as an inspector and damage claim consultant for the Cape and Islands subsidized housing pool wrapped around several years as a lead for two award winning area custom home builders. Not long after my building business began clicking, the home watch business came to me through part-time home owners in a construction capacity and each was initially handled as a non-profit favor. Built almost entirely through word-of-mouth this small grass roots group of second home owners slowly evolved into a notable base; a base with needs that grew beyond building and remodeling. A transition began to occur where in-house construction projects were scaled back and I soon found myself managing and delegating to the extent that those in-house projects were eventually, and with some initial reluctance, farmed out entirely. As Nauset Management was setting the bar in the watch and property management markets, a void was created where building once existed. No stranger to the stereotypes but unable to turn a blind eye to the hand and glove relationship between my growing watch/management base and real estate sales, the gap was filled as Nauset Management became its own brokerage. Relative home building and management experience aside, I bring a very different perspective and approach to real estate based on the trust, loyalty and by extension long and lasting relationships I establish, if not insist on, with my management base. Today, the Nauset Management model is truly a unique single source solution designed for the life of home-ownership where unparalleled service is my only gimmick. I look forward to speaking with you.

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