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I trust everyone has been well since the last transmission.

A newly released winter weather advisory runs from 6 p.m. this evening through 8 a.m. Saturday. Given the circumstances, the forecasted inch or two of snow with wind gusts in the mid to upper 30 mph range is really no different than feeding a whale a Tic Tac; there is however a blip on the radar heading into Monday and I know that some of you have made the trip and still others currently on the fence where I would be with both legs wrapped around it.

As advertised, we’re currently seeing temperatures in the upper 30’s with light rain which is slowly turning 4’-5’ snow banks into Jersey barriers but there are glimpses of grass here and there albeit alongside 5’ drifts. Heading into this evening temperatures will drop down to the middle 20’s and remain there as a high through the middle of next week with lows in the teens and speculated wind chills in the single digits at times.

While still being bantered about, popular snow projections for Monday are in the 5”-8” range while some speculate upwards of 1’. Again, mild in comparison but it will also reside atop a block of ice formed from whatever Mother Nature leaves behind today.

Today’s last round of follow ups is now the beginning of a pre storm walk through for Monday as the resolve is to simple grind through one, perhaps two more checks this weekend.

Unless or until we receive additional or revised advisories, I will plan on giving everyone a break until Sunday night/Monday morning as further details develop.