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Nstar is showing zero outages at this time for both Orleans and Eastham. Winds continue to reach the low 40 mph range making the total accumulation estimates of 8.5”-12″ a bit of a guess. Blizzard conditions [winds in excess of 35 mph in conjunction with falling snow usually reducing visibility to a quarter mile or less for three hours or more] are forecasted through 11:00 a.m. this morning at which point winds begin to subside albeit slowly. Snow in varying degrees appears to be on the radar until late this afternoon. Current temperatures remain in the low 20’s with single digit to sub zero wind chill numbers. The first round of follow ups will begin shortly but I cannot overstate the fact that this particular storm is a garden variety New England Nor’easter; there is still bread on the shelves at your local grocer even as the news outlets converge on Plum Island hoping for that teetering cottage on the bluff money shot.

The third high tide in the Flood Warning forecast comes due this afternoon. Currently, Brewster and Dennis mark the closest proximity for areas slated to realize notable impacts. This of course is a wait and see as were the previous tide cycles.

The roads remain a mess in no small part to the perpetually blowing snow and of course that which continues to fall. In addition, road temperatures are resisting the impact of salting efforts. The final variable with this storm will be the potential ocean effect later this afternoon as the system finally moves off shore.