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For those of you keeping tabs on the weather via network news,
there is, at least as advertised, a very notable difference between Boston and the Cape in terms of projected snowfall totals. There is a reasonably wide band splitting the state where over 2’ of snow is probably. For the Cape, 6”-12” remains the popular forecast. For today, the Cape should see a mix if not straight rain through early this evening. After midnight, a heavy snowfall will persist through Saturday morning with lesser amounts throughout the remainder of the day. Sustained winds and gusts upward of 65 mph is the primary concern. A mixed precipitation, combined with the projected winds, make power outages all but a certainty. Local utilities are anticipating wide spread power issues which may take a day or two, in some cases, to rectify. That said, we are on the end run of bumping up heat in each home and should be complete by mid day. This residual heat, combined with temperatures in the mid 40’s on Monday and Tuesday should be more than sufficient. With weathermen and women as giddy as the kids ramping up to enjoy a three day weekend, I’d remind everyone that we are not in unfamiliar territory and I would urge everyone to keep tabs on updates.