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We’ve seen a steady diet of rain since sun up while winds have picked up in the last couple of hours. In addition to a traditional Nor’ Easter, this go around brings with it astronomical tides which have prompted the closing of access to bayside beaches as well as Rock Harbor. White caps in town cove are matched by the marsh areas on Bridge, Herring Brook and Samoset. The power outage maps are flickering to life with a couple dozen on the board and while low temperatures are slated to remain north of the freezing mark as far as the eye can see, follow ups will begin tomorrow. With that said, we’ve seen these wind conditions twice this winter [and today, having stowed a number of seasonal items that found their way outdoors after the annual one day of atypical spring like weather a few weeks back, it is in fact still winter].


I appreciate the heads up from the adventure seekers who have made the trek to the Cape this week as it streamlines the follow up process. I will plan on offering proof of life in the morning.