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I knew there’d be a tipping point where enough people calling to open houses early would eventually wake the gods. It was way back in December on the heels of a Nor’ Easter, when I speculated reaching out sooner than later with weather related updates. Alas, a white-hot real estate market has seemingly kept the frigid days to few and far between status. No different than December is the wind. Ramping up at 9 p.m. and running through tomorrow at 11 a.m., winds look to range between 25 and 45 mph with gusts, predicted locally, to peak at 55 while regional outlets, frantic to find their windbreakers and lifelines for beachfront remotes, are begging for 65 – 75. Unlike December we have snow in the forecast where 2” – 4” appears to be on tap changing from a light rain around 10 p.m.. Scattered outages are all but a certainty under these conditions and while wind chills look to linger in the mid 20’s, standing temps remain in the 30’s and climb throughout the day Saturday leaving any prolonged outages as more of a nuisance than calamity. Sunday promises blue skies and highs in the mid 40’s. Until then, I will plan on circling back at first light and see if we need to begin swapping Spam recipes.