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The sun in fact came up today. Orleans and Eastham outages are combined at 7 down from thousands late yesterday afternoon. Strong winds persisted following the 4 p.m. wind warning expiration. Wellfleet capped out with a recorded gust at 61 mph while Orleans weighed in with a sustained wind of 41 mph. Current gusts in the upper 20 mph range are a breeze compared to last night.

Throughout the second half of Sunday, there were several alarm calls tripped exclusively via the power bouncing between on and off-line status. While the temperatures dipped low enough at one point where passing mix to snow bands occurred, there was never an issue with freeze ups. In conjunction with the timing of the storm’s departure, the lion’s share of follow ups began earlier this morning. Based on findings to date, I don’t anticipate any glaring issues going forward. However, owners who may have suffered any damage as well as those who have made specific requests will be contacted directly.