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Scattered flurries are expected any minute now and should remain hit or miss until late afternoon where increased winds and a more moderate snowfall will begin. The heaviest snowfall is expected between 10 p.m. this evening and 4 a.m. tomorrow morning with temperatures ranging between 32 and 35 during this period. Wind speed in the mid 40 mph range is also expected during this peak window with gusts estimated to be anywhere from 65-80 mph.

One notable change occurs between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. tomorrow which now shows rain coinciding with temperatures in the middle 30’s before changing back over to snow and temperatures dropping back into the low to middle 20’s.

Regardless of the rain/snow window, over the next several hours, all unoccupied homes that are not drained down will have heat increased in order to offset assumed power outages which, based on assumed conditions, should find us without power in the 24 -36 hour range beginning around midnight. The ambient heat is not necessarily designed to heat the house so much as it is designed to heat the mechanical systems, water meters and well shut offs. I’ve seen several homes pushed up to 60 or 65 for those that have the ability to do so remotely. I would humbly suggest 70 ahead of impending outages. For those with heat alarms that may not be directly connected to the Nauset Management emergency number [774-216-1718], please call this line if you yourself receive notification.

Going forward, both wide spread and sporadic outages, as well as prescribed termination of utilities for repair, will most likely occur over the course of the next several days. At this time, I anticipate another round of follow ups beginning as early as late afternoon Tuesday with yet another Wednesday and most likely into Thursday as everyone comes back online.

Connection and service permitting, I will follow up early this evening and most certainly circle back tomorrow morning. We’ve been down this road before and while all indications point to this as being a very serious event and in turn being respected as such, we are also very well prepared.