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…and now we wait. The wind and snow are both picking up and so far we’re sticking to the forecasted timeline. The window for projected rain on Tuesday remains a bit of moving target but the two certainties that bookend this window is an all but inevitable power outage on the front end with temperatures tomorrow afternoon moving back down the dial to the mid 20’s with pockets of snow, both of which look to linger through mid-day Wednesday.

As the pre-storm prep winds down, this is typically the time I start filling the Pez dispenser with Xanax but I cannot over-express how content I am with how we stand based on the proactive efforts of late yesterday and today.

The next round of follow ups will be based largely on a number of variables the least of which being the overall volume of outages in general. Given the convoluted grids patched together over the years as developments were cut in, online or offline in real time means very little in the midst of the actual storm and/or ongoing repair efforts as these grids are often powered on and off by design in order to make repairs thus making the follow up obsolete in most cases.

Alarm and heat calls will most certainly be answered routinely yet should the temps and general projections play out as indicated, actual follow ups may begin as late as tomorrow evening if not Wednesday morning. Everyone is set up to sustain a prolonged outage well into the weekend affording a sufficient margin of time to take additional steps if necessary. I will endeavor to follow up first thing tomorrow provided I have the ability to do so.

This system certainly isn’t exclusive to the Cape and in some cases, conditions are slated to be worse; stay warm, stay safe and stay tuned.