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On my way to a no heat call at 2 a.m. on Sunday I caught a weather break on a local radio station that didn’t impress me enough to register it; perhaps because it was 8 degrees out at 2 a.m. on Sunday. Imagine my surprise 12 hours later when a tech relative to the no heat call was breathless when conveying concern over the system bearing down on us emphasizing looming frigid temperatures. Heading into last evening I noted the Winter Weather Advisory but no cause to hook up the dogsleds.
The National Weather bureau drafted a regional generalization that covers the Cape. We have a flood watch and high wind warning both of which are as prevalent as a best chowder award or the Community College declaring a snow day. Participation advancing north and to our west, carried by temperatures in the mid to upper 30’s may drop an ocean effect inch of snow on us before turning to rain mid-day. They myriad of watches and advisories wrap up at 2 a.m. Tuesday when winds in the 25-35 mph range are forecasted to top out at 60 mph.
I will circle back early evening with an update on actual conditions.