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The sun is currently battling for space with patches of passing clouds and the standing temperature of 7 degrees with wind chills weighing in at -16

support the wind chill warning that will remain in place for the next several hours as temperatures work their way into the middle teens. Although wind chills will eventually match the standing temps by Tuesday morning, a smaller, gentler round of snow looks to move in and set up camp for most of Tuesday where a novelty accumulation of 3”- 6” is expected as temperatures rocket up to the upper 20’s.

As we stand, there are no special names, warnings or plans to adorn 100 lb weather editors in network fleece and tether them to telephone poles at the beach. Conversely, I understand that many are considering heading this way as it is school vacation week so it is merely a heads up.

Follow ups continue on the heels of yesterday’s storm and as mentioned, save for the wind chill numbers, this blizzard packed less of a punch than its predecessor and produced about half the peak outages.