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Current outage reports show Orleans at 20 and Eastham at 24. Today’s exercise is to run through everyone again beginning with the handful of homes that were without power during the latest look.


For the trivia buffs, Eastham apparently topped the Cape with gusts of 54 mph as the storm moved off shore which is quite a surprise as the typical protocol is to put someone on a ladder at the Hyannis Airport in order to record the worst possible results.


Winds continue to settle down as temperatures in the teens should climb to mid to upper 20’s before dropping back to the mid teens overnight. These numbers look to be the standard for lows throughout the week although the highs range from the mid 30’s increasing to the upper 40’s as the week progresses.


Tomorrow’s weather, kicking off mid afternoon, appears to be a mix if not all rain event as 3”-6” is being forecasted over the bridge.


Finally, the highlighted numbers on the previous update are specific properties. I had several inquiries from people concerned that these were customer totals; apologizes for any confusion.