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I try to walk a fine line between keeping everyone informed and not sending up a flare every time we see flurries the alarmists decide to name Maximus, Ivan and the like but do feel compelled to show some proof of life on my end when the good folks at the National Weather Service stir the regional pot with warnings and advisories; apologizes in advance for this digital eye roll.

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect through 7 p.m. this evening. Currently we have about 1” of wet snow which has accumulated on comparatively warm ground given our beach break yesterday which found us near 50 degrees. Our garden variety New England snow should be transitioning over to flurries late afternoon where temperatures will slowly settle into the mid 20’s.

Wednesday is calling for a chance of a snow rain mix with temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 30’s and a similar system is being mulled for the weekend. Rest assured that unless we’ve drifted down the coast to Atlanta the advertised triple header is best left for Nielson Ratings.

For my most recent customers, as well as the passive viewer on the Conditions link, I take adverse weather conditions quite serious. Conversely, I rarely miss an opportunity to nudge the throngs of weather editors and occasional rouge meteorologist when the Chicken Little systems move through.