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…The Winter Storm watch as been replaced by a Blizzard Warning and joins it’s sibling Warnings Storm and Coastal Flood.


Our neck of the woods looks to see a change over just before dawn on Tuesday where several hours of heavy snow, projected in terms of inches per hour, look to contribute to forecasted totals in the area of 12” – 18” which look to dissipate late Tuesday evening.


Brevity Nuts: The winds won’t be as bad as the last storm and we should pick up about a foot of heavy snow. Some areas may drift with the strong winds so when neighbors claim 3’ – 4’, drifting would be the culprit.


I will circle back late Tuesday morning with a heads up but this is an all-day event. While we look to flirt with the freezing mark, there is no immediate danger of freeze ups even with a sustained outage. As mentioned, a strong showing of repair reserves stuck around from the last round but again, conditions look to prohibit any human interaction until late tomorrow afternoon.