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While teens to twenties with moderate winds have been the norm in between notable events, it appears as though the March lion may be dining on lamb on the way out the door.

We’re currently under both a Coastal Flood Watch from Wednesday 6 a.m. – Wednesday 10 a.m. and a Blizzard Watch from Tuesday 8 p.m. through Wednesday 2 p.m… Regarding the latter, the myriad of current tracking models are each leaning towards snow totals north of 12”.

Needless to say, meteorologically speaking, we’re about 3 years away from the event in dog years but given the time of year where some are starting to make sporadic trips to the Cape ahead of what is speculated to be the summer season, I wanted to lay the groundwork.

I will circle back tomorrow afternoon with a sharper outlook and with any luck, the colorful name assigned to this round of weather.