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After 22 years of earnest resistance, Nauset Management welcomes its first full time employee…of the two legged variety to be clear. Jack Still came aboard on August 26th of this year and brings with him almost a decade of home watch experience. Beyond unflappable trust, one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of securing competent help in the home watch department is what to with that help when the watch demands recede from season to season which is why most work the equation backwards whereas landscapers, housekeepers, etc. shed their primary roles come winter and take up the home watch business in order to bridge seasons. As protective of my brand as I am with the level of service Nauset Management has become known for, it is little wonder that this appointment took 22 years. Jack brings with him a building background and experience that is more than sufficient when constructively bridging those seasonal gaps. As many know, Nauset Management, specifically its watch base, was built on the back of residential construction which ultimately devolved into improvements and renovations to almost a whimper as the management base grew. With Jack on board as a tailormade hybrid, we are afforded the ability to reinvigorate those in-house services and by extension construction management duties that Nauset Management was founded on.