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orleans home watch

An experience backed proactive approach catering to the smallest service area in the business lends peace-of-mind for your piece of the Cape.

“…he has surpassed our expectations and performed spectacularly.” J Sorgini

Nauset Management entered the Orleans home watch market as a favor to a construction customer in 1998.

Compared to today, the home watch business was very much in concept mode as only a handful of options existed for the area’s second home owner. Established in the building industry, this back-burner favor grew slowly through word-of-mouth and in a matter of years it became readily apparent that Nauset Management was serving Orleans property owners in two distinct roles.

Determined to expand the watch/management wing with an eye on career longevity, constructions scopes were slowly tempered and restricted as the management base increased. Consistent through this transformation was the working relationships with a vast network of area sub-contractors and vendors.

As in-house construction duties were slowly phased out, these local talents were then plugged in to facilitate any number of needs on behalf of the management base but plugged in with a twist; Nauset Management does not mark up sub-contract labor. Save for the rare and sizable construction management scope, home watch supports a full-service management offering that includes no fee storm follow ups, no minimum durations of service and prorated invoicing for occupancy while catering to the smallest service area in the business.

Filling the construction void, Nauset Management is also a real estate brokerage that leverages watch/management services in conjunction with over two decades of commercial and residential construction experience in a supervisory capacity which assures service and support for the life of home ownership. Visit Nauset Management today and learn how we’ve been making second homes our first priority since 1998.