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One of the most common questions I field during an initial inquiry is how often the rates change. Since Nauset Management’s conception in 1998, I have imposed 4 rate changes beyond the opening day numbers. Rather than fixed annual increases, forecasted or otherwise, I make it a personal policy to remain conscious of and responsible with pricing across the board. In recent years, Nauset Management customers saw a rate change in 2014 and again in 2018 the latter of which not only reflects current pricing but is also rate locked through September 1, 2024. In terms of timing, ample notice is given to customers in the month of April prior to the September 1 rate change date so that absentee customers are not held hostage by a rate increase in real time and that homeowners in general have more than enough time to research alternatives if they so desire.

As a full-service management company, Nauset Management is also a standalone real estate brokerage and we still manage, and address in-house, a variety of improvement projects ranging from punch-list work to complete renovations. This diversity not only tempers the watch fees but sets the tone for steady, reasonable and projected increases across our range of services.