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Where to begin. We have planes skidding off runways in Chicago, a state of emergency declared in PA and outlets breathlessly claiming “over 100 million threatened…”


In our little hamlet, we’re looking at full slate of rain scheduled for Sunday.


Current temperatures in the low 30’s will climb throughout the day and continue the trend into Sunday looking to peak at 50 degrees by high noon. Showers are forecasted to taper off early Sunday evening as then scheduled temperature of 40 degrees continues to fall settling in the middle teens to open Monday. I understand there are considerable snowfall projections throughout New England and the NW portion of the state but all indications lean towards the always fickle ocean effects working in our favor this go around.


As always, the 2 cents coming out of this portal are designed to convey actual conditions and I will do just that mid-day Sunday. I have picked up several inquiries over the past couple of hours prompting my reaching out sooner than later. As constituted, if tomorrow happened to be in the middle of July the only glaring concern would be deciding whether or not it makes sense to lay out a blanket and stake a claim ahead of a Firebirds game.