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The sun came up and order is restored. While all unoccupied homes on a current watch schedule are back online, anyone contemplating a site seeing trip should know that a good number of driveways are currently plowed in so pack the snow shoes. Current temps are working their way out of single digits where they will crawl to 30 degrees by midnight and continue to increase into Sunday. By noon Sunday, rain is forecasted as temperatures settle into the upper 40’s which should negate any heavy lifting. As an aside, all homes with oil fired burners have sufficient amounts of fuel oil in reserve. In turn, no one should feel compelled to ring up “the plow guy” unless of course you’re heading out to the Cape today. The third tide in the warning cycle topped off Rock Harbor, washed out the bridge on Bridge Rd for a spell and water met the pavement at Pricilla Landing but again, we were never remotely close to unprecedented conditions on any particular front. Given the light snow, today there is nary a flake in a branch. During yesterday’s run through, there was virtually zero debris noted.