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Since late afternoon, we’ve picked up ½” – 1” of heavy wet snow. Winds are beginning to pick up but most notable is the about face on the earlier 3”-5” snowfall projections. While the animated models show a very modest shift in the mix line toward the east, we are now looking at snowfall projections in the 8”-12” range.


Given the track splitting the Cape, P-Town is trending toward +/- 18” while Plymouth, currently experiencing heavy snowfall, is looking to top out in excess of 20” which illustrates that fine line which essentially a straight line between the two towns. For our part, initial projections looked as though we were in store for 2-3 hours of moderate to heavy snow. Despite the fast moving system, it appears to be sliding east just enough to prolong the heavy snowfall to more of a 5-6 hour window. Given the temps and the wet/density of the snow we’ve seen so far, I would be mildly surprised to see any of these numbers coming to fruition.


Current wind gust projections range anywhere from 45-55 with peaks flirting with 60mph depending on where you look and everyone should be up to speed on my thoughts with the sensationalism that goes along with some of these numbers.


Presently, it appears as though the upper Cape and Plymouth county areas are at the center of the target with P-Town lined up on the back end as this storm moves off early tomorrow morning.


In spite of these changes, I don’t anticipate prolonged power outages. That said, weather related or otherwise, Wellfleet is currently reporting 141 outages. I will circle back with a follow up between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m…