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We’re under a Winter Weather Advisory from 1 p.m. today through 1 p.m. Sunday. Our current temperature is 6 and that number should climb steadily to the freezing mark, or beach day status depending on how you look at it. Temperatures should cap out in the upper 30’s mid day tomorrow with rain on tap during the otherwise Winter Weather Advisory window.

I’ve had a couple of inquiries in regards to snow and ice on rooftops and we simply don’t have the volume seen over the bridge where leaks and collapses are becoming commonplace. I have little doubt that should the forecast hold, any remaining rooftop snow will be a foregone conclusion.

Beyond tomorrow’s tropical reprieve, we will once again dip into temperatures in the middle 20’s for the start of the week which quite obviously means any melting realized this weekend will ice over.

Currently, just about any home that hasn’t required an oil delivery is still being accessed from the street. With a pocket of thawing last week where slush was plowed at nauseam, this simply locked in driveways and fortified previous plow berms. In fact, those who were plowed at the head of these storms is quite simply back to square one. Cutting in a garden variety car’s length and width is running around $ 100.00 which believe it or not is a bargain. Having walked in and around almost every home for a month or so, there is little doubt I’m the wrong guy to quibble with over what these guys are getting.

We’re down to two houses on life support waiting on offensive lead times from various oil vendors. When we find ourselves in calmer waters I will circle back to the oil issues going forward assuming there will be a summer to jam in between seasons.

This past week saw a large uptick in rotating back to more of a routine for most and with that the stories begin to surface. We’ve seen water main breaks, oddly enough a good number of locals in place who incurred freeze ups and of course the off Cape segment who continues to have bad news delivered via subcontractors, vendors or neighbors. With all but a handful losing power for various durations at one point or another, in spite of the preparation and endless follow ups and hitting the 100 gallon mark on hand delivered fuel, I am pleasantly stunned as to how we landed.