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A tropical storm watch is in effect for Cape Cod and the islands. For those new to the conditions link of Nauset Management, adverse weather conditions are ever taken lightly; however, I take immeasurable delight in tamping down the hysteria whipped up by weather editors, celebrities and even the handful of actual meteorologists still in existence.


A tropical storm watch is issued when there is a reasonable chance for tropical storm winds occurring within the next 48 hours. Current projections are wildly vague in every conceivable category save for winds which are currently slated to sustain in the 20-30 mph range with gusts to 35. Not unlike a low grade N’Easter, winds in this area could certainly rearrange deck furniture but isn’t uncommon by any means. On the unknown end of the equation is careful speculation of the potential for tropical storm force winds. The criteria for this range is 58-73 mph range which will no doubt give most a jump start on pruning.


Given the 48-hour window, details will develop quickly regardless of the actual outcome. Beyond wind, Sunday night throughout the day Monday look to be a complete washout. With that in mind, please touch base if you’ve left early or never made it and have loose items outdoors.