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I’ve taken quite a number of calls in recent weeks in regard to notable increases in electric bills. Having spoken with a lovely representative, I was sheepishly told that Eversource has increased its per kilowatt hourly rate to 15.7 cents while the Cape Light Compact has taken an additional 14.6 cents per hour “…based on the demand for energy in light of the current situation.” Who knew COVID was causing a spike in electricity?

In addition, in the finest of print, the most recent invoice from the good folks at Eversource notes: “On Jan. 1, 2022, residential customers that receive their energy supply from Eversource using an average of 500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per month, will see an increase of 25%, or about $30 per month, compared with December…”

Such as most, I have my utilities set on autopay which for me is akin to a colonoscopy to be scheduled and performed while asleep. In turn, I never gave it a second thought until the calls started rolling in.

Last, and for the wide-awake version of the above, the big, clunky and no doubt tone deaf utility then launched an email giving itself a hardy back-pat for community service noting in part…

Financial contributions: In 2021, Eversource employees and retirees raised $1.2 million for the United Way and other community agencies through its annual employee giving campaign. The Eversource Foundation also contributed $1.4 million – a $150,000 increase over the prior year.