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The sun actually made an appearance this morning and if any sputtering snow found its way to the ground since the last transmission it’s hidden somewhere in the 5” – 6” of wet pan caked snow we have on the ground. As I understand it, Harwich logged in at 14 ½” and DC finds itself unable to wiggle out of its most recent cover up but here on our small scratch of land, the winds have diminished and there is little if any snow remaining in the trees.

Current outages have Orleans at 21 and Eastham down to 6. As always, inadvertent outages based on line work from grid to grid may knock an otherwise powered up property off line; in short, it is not atypical for a property that never lost power to lose it after the weather has passed.

The flood warning remains in effect from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. today and of course properties in low lying and of course water front areas will see an uptick in follow ups.

Given the current conditions and dwindling outages, this will be the last blanket update and any issues going forward will be addressed directly as needed.