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We’ve had some upgrades in the past few hours and if only one of you is planning on coming or going Monday or Tuesday, I wanted to preempt tomorrow morning’s update and save you the trip.

We are now under both a blizzard and flood warning. Blizzard conditions are simply the combination of falling or blowing snow during a period of sustained winds greater than 35 mph for three or more consecutive hours.

The blizzard warning stretches from 7 p.m. Monday through noon Tuesday as a low pressure system off shore looks to be taking it’s time creeping up the coast.

The flood warning is up from 3 a.m. – 7 a.m. Tuesday.

I anticipate a fair amount of power outages yet remain most confident that the proactive measures being taken will, in the very worst of case scenario, afford us enough ambient heat to drain homes need be. That said, given the forecasted conditions and advanced preparation, we’re at the end of the week before making those calls. The forecasted highs are slated to fall in the low to middle 30 degree range. Based on the current track, Tuesday morning appears to represent the peak of this system and as constituted, we may very well experience a period of rain before turning back to snow which is a leading factor in regards to potential outages.

I will plan a mid morning follow up.