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For those who may recall that moment in history where Brian Williams galvanized his conquering Everest with Sir Edmund Hilary through grainy black and whites and almost losing three fingers to frostbite while grappling with an antiquated tripod, frozen shutter and frosted lenses, this latest event was nothing like that.

With the swirling, blowing and actual falling snow, it is difficult to determine the total accumulations but I would put it in the 6”-8” range and no doubt deeper moving towards the bridge. Winds currently in the upper 30 mph range will slowly diminish heading into this evening as the current temperatures in the 20’s will slowly fall through the teens reaching single digits overnight with wind chills in the -2 – -15 degree range.

Outages have moved up and down throughout the day and currently Orleans is reporting 13 and Eastham 3. No doubt follow ups will begin as if they ever stopped. At first blush it’s apparent that this round pulled up short in regards to the first blizzard and in fact we presently have flashes of sunshine.