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Starting with a bench mark property which pertains to the current worst case interior heat issue based on the loss of power, property 54 in Orleans, typically set at 55 degrees, has an actual reading of 42 degrees as of 4:20 p.m… Under the circumstances, this is a good number and with the projected temperatures in the coming days, we’re still in a comfortable range in terms of waiting out Nstar.

At 1:30 p.m., the outage picture had Eastham at 348 and Orleans at 851. Currently, Eastham is at 160 and Orleans 373.

Among these totals and in addition to the above property, units without power in Eastham include 77 [1:41 p.m.] which is running on generator power and 26 [2:29 p.m.] which is drained.

In Orleans we have 29 [3:46 p.m.] and 2 [4:14 p.m.].

Throughout the day, the overall totals have moved up and down in the hundreds based in large part on the convoluted grids most of which are original. In turn, it’s not uncommon for the power companies to have to shut down power for homes without issues in order to cater to those without power. In turn, what was fine at 11 a.m. may have gone off line at 11:3o. To be certain, the above mentioned units will be reviewed within the next 12 hours and each owner will be contacted directly. In addition, and in light of the erratic outage numbers throughout the day, every unoccupied home will be run through again tomorrow as I can count on one hand those homes that did not have an oven clock flashing. That said, the disparity between temperature settings and the actual reads were nominal.

The largest concentration of power companies is in the Captain Linnell area and in lesser amounts on 28 in South Orleans. On the Captain Linnell end of the equation, crews were setting up generators at various poles which is usually done as a stop gap where repairs are a bit more involved. Until tomorrow.