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As I may have mentioned once or twice over the years, the Indian Rain Dance never failed because they never stopped dancing until it rained and with that, I give you the same forecast yet pushed out until 2 a.m. Monday. 

We have a light to moderate snow falling that is barely providing a coating and as I’m halfway through saying goodbye to a dozen 9 year old girls on the backend of a birthday/slumber party, I can assure everyone that there is no property that I cannot access. 

The prophets are claiming that our end of the island is on tap for the bulk of what is assumed to arrive and presently that appears to be 5” – 6” of heavy snow by early evening under the guise of a Winter Advisory. The Winter Storm has morphed into a Gale and the Wind Warning stands although adjusted to end at 2 a.m….

Should heavy snow and wind finally get together and kick off outages, our present temperatures in the middle 30’s look to climb into the low 40’s and hold steady through late Monday night when the slow decline begins. I’ll send a follow up early evening but thus far scrubbing Taylor Swift from my consciousness is far more of a concern than what Mother Nature has going on.