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It should be little secret that I have long considered that meteorology in and of itself resides in a cone of uncertainty; a guessing game further hampered in these parts by fickle jet streams as well as ocean and bay effects. Among the many roles I play, breaking out Tarot cards and matching wits with any number of weather models is not one of them. Ahead of what, if anything, the outskirts of Jose may have to offer, I wanted to reach out and make sure that anyone with known hatches that may be in need of battening end up on my radar sooner than later. As advertised, Jose may bend some branches but in terms of wind speed, even a tropical storm force breeze tops out at a maximum sustained 39 mph; a number not foreign to these parts in a garden variety winter. With that said, if anyone has any concerns, particularly regarding any loose outdoor items, please let me know at your earliest convenience.