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We have the old standbys to include, monster, brutal, roar, hammer, batter, explode and cripple, that keep people glued to the TV and fingernails down to the quick. It’s as shameful weather editor’s disappointment when a storm doesn’t live up to the hype and there is no teetering cottage on a bluff to run on a loop. Last year the giddy purveyors of the latest apocalypse of the day, in a moment of sheer genius, gave us the cone of uncertainty, that technical cover our *** if we get it wrong phrase veiled in an assumed scientific explanation. The new year brings us the bomb cyclone.


I started this “conditions” link years ago in order to spread timely and accurate information in an efficient manner and I am now convinced more than ever that I will never be able to spin up an update without my trusty neck brace worn to counter my constant head shaking when listening to otherwise grown humans, paid to convey weather patterns, speak of wind and snow as if a meteor was plummeting to earth.


With that said, our little island in the Atlantic, subject to nasty weather, started Thursday off as advertised, with moderate rainfall and an air temperature hovering around 41 degrees pushed about by increasing winds. Amidst the fearmongering, two outlets have confirmed that the last two weeks of weather represent the coldest streak this scratch of land has seen in the past 100 [one hundred] years. Wind and rain look to increase through early afternoon as temperatures drop and a change to snow develops. Current snow totals, entirely predicated on the changeover line, are now 4” – 6”. Not unlike Christmas day, the winds will blow, scattered outages are likely and no doubt most lawns will be adorned with nuisance debris and branches. Heading into the weekend, temperatures look to hover in the low teens before returning to the mid 30’s to start off the week. Stay tuned.