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Let there be no doubt that I’m as tired of talking about it as you are reading it but I’m quite comfortable with closing the book on this one with a brief overview of where we’re at in addition to a travel advisory.

We’ve made it up to the freezing mark under spotless blue skies which has all but liberated trees and power lines from the increasingly wet snow. While flashes of pavement are returning, I want to reinforce the plowing issues ahead of any arrivals. Simply put, if you haven’t received confirmation from me or your plow contractor, you will not be able to access your driveway. If you are under the impression that your driveway is done automatically, in more cases than not, your guy is waiting on a Bobcat or loader in order to remove the ice caked berm at the entrance to your driveway.

Temperatures will remain in the low to middle 30’s eventually peaking around 41 tomorrow with a good deal of rain forecasted from midnight through early Friday evening which, in cooperation with today’s sun, should break down if not eliminate the lion’s share of road blocks.

After 12 hours of zero reported outages, both Orleans and Eastham are back on the grid each with a handful. In turn, the loop will continue as approximately 1/3 of Nauset Management customers are confirmed from the street.

Finally, save for a scrub pine on Pochet Rd, I have seen virtually zero tree or structural damage anywhere be it a customer residence or otherwise.

Any issues going forward will be conveyed directly as I am most confident we’re through the other side and looking forward to the next round. Thank you for your patience!