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If you’ve ever watched a kid toil away for hours under the hot sun crafting a replica of Windsor Castle out of wet sand, seaweed, shells and select tourist debris as accent pieces only to see the leading edge of high tide act as Mother Nature’s Etch-A-Sketch you may appreciate how today’s 5” – 6”, and counting, accumulation of heavy wet snow has all but put us at square one.

What began as a Watch then turned to an Advisory at some point today evolved into a Warning yet even the most hardened meteorologist had the resolve to resist issuing a tanning index.

Once liberated, trees and power lines are again loaded up with snow as temperatures continue to dip towards the teens. In terms of wind, there’s a reasonably good chance of being able to light a candle on the beach. The high/low range remains between the teens and 20’s until Saturday where we cap out at the freezing mark. Zero outages have been reported and there is no cause to expect any as the snow moves off slowly through this evening.

In regards to accessibility, if you were plowed two weeks ago, you are now officially taking someone’s word for it. Depending on drifting conditions, the garden variety yard is adorned with 18” – 30” of hard packed snow that barley leaves a footprint.

We have an entirely new group of oil and propane dependent homes that will need to be liberated sooner than later and anyone approaching critical mass has been contacted directly and the go forward efforts are in the works.

While this is not a drifting snow, anyone coming out that uses natural gas or propane is encouraged to check their vents after of course you’ve looked at your driveway and exclaimed “wow he was right; I didn’t think it was this bad!” All in all it’s more to shovel, more to plow and more to climb.

Shifting gears, I was recently made aware of a daytime break in on Shurtleff Rd in Eastham. For those in the immediate area, cursory follow ups were made and all is well. If you have friends or family in the area who may wish to have a courtesy trip made, please feel free to reach out.