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With a tropical storm warning in effect for the next 36 hours, it appears as though Elsa is planning to fight the bridge traffic and spend the day on the Cape; Friday specifically. While it is projected that “storm force winds remain possible,” the peak wind projections are in the 25-35 mph range just short of the typical storm force criteria yet the prophets further speculate that there is a potential for wind in the 58-73 mph range leaving one to believe that we can rest assured of temperatures hovering in the 20 – 110-degree range.

Hyperbole aside, today is the day to gather the yard gnomes, bird feeders and flip the patio table over after dinner. This appears to be a Friday/day event with the system moving on by mid to late afternoon as heavier range is slated for interior MA as we enjoy the lion’s share of the breeze.

Be well and be safe,