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Almost exclusively, contributions to this outlet are based on tamping down sensationalized weather projections. Today I’ll opine over the event that couldn’t afford advertising.


A severe thunderstorm warning popped up out of the blue around 8:30 this morning in regards to a system that was crossing the bay menacing only Wellfleet, Truro and P-Town. At the close of the warning window, the prophets began extending the window by 15 minutes every 16 minutes. Around noon, someone in the brain center threw up their hands and made the arbitrary decision that chaos would subside around 1:45. Immediately, upon release, the sun broke for a bit and the thunder subsided. We now bounce back and forth between pockets of torrential rain and the tease of brighter skies.


Byproducts of what some are considering to have been a 6 inch per hour pace at the height of the “fast moving event,” include scattered power outages, nuisance limb damage, a few genuine trees down, a number of car accidents and of course localized flooding. Around 11:30 the entire outfield of Eldridge Park was rolling in whitecaps while Canadian Geese contemplated issuing a marine advisory. I’ve picked up scattered calls in regards to roof leaks and a bit of water in basements as I myself have experienced both. With the tremendous volume of water in such a short period of time, water will find its way into otherwise issue free areas, particularly around roof penetrations, chimney flashing and gutters.


While we’re seemingly pulling through the other side, I would suggest anyone here pondering a trip into town in anything smaller than a Mini Cooper double check the integrity of his or her periscope. Unoccupied and active customers will of course be checked though purely precautionary as it appears as though there is still time for some peek-a-boo sun and oppressive heat before day’s end. Something for everyone!