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Bouncing around different outlets I learned that during a coastal storm, the area most likely to be impacted is along the coast. Finally, some non-bombastic common sense.


The winds have picked up as the end of the Warning window is now 5 p.m. Wednesday. Popular reporting notes gusts in the low 40 mph range though maps and graphs have different ideas. The one constant is that winds peak in the witching hours.


Rain is moderate and intermittent thus far and there is no Spam being cooked over candlelight as of yet. That said, on the outage front, the numbers are low with less than 12 from Eastham to P-Town and on the flip side, Orleans stands at 70, Chatham 91 and oddly enough Brewster weighs in at less than three [either 1 or 2].


I will circle back at first light.