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And so, it begins.


For those twisted souls that pine away for a bit of adverse weather in order to indulge in the weather musings, welcome back. For those relatively new customers, rest assured that each and every potential weather event is taken as serious as the weather celebrities portray them to be. After 23 years of service, the end of days hyperbole enhanced by studios hanging a severe storm center banner over the everyday green board or pinning the smallest guy on the roster to a handicap parking sign at a local beach forbidding the common mouth breather to dare venture out of the house gets tiresome. For me its tiresome based on the Chicken Little angle – insert two… recent named storms that compelled homeowners to button up their living wills before then leaving people to wonder why they cancelled tee times …here.


While it is as harmless as it is obnoxious when anchors blame weather celebrities for presumably creating undesirable conditions, as if these prophets in ill-fitting suits have a Devine hand in producing inclement weather, stoking fear rather than delivering a calm, balanced and well-informed potential forecast, will always be a bridge too far for me.


Last, it is not my job to refute/tamp down the forecast nor is it my job to create my own version. The purpose of this platform is to relay actual conditions on the ground. Overview/refresher complete.


And now the weather: We have a High Wind Warning up kicking off at 2 p.m. today and scheduled to come down 24 hours later. As always, timely updates will be delivered throughout the event with the next installment planned for late afternoon. The popular consensus shows winds in the 35 – 45 mph range with gusts upwards of 70 mph. With the wind comes the gratuitous coastal flood advisory often triggered during garden variety early mornings when most irrigation systems kick on for a half hour. Some national sites, using altogether too many exclamation points, are also suggesting everyone stay out of heavily wooded areas during the event. However it shakes out, it will be wet and it will be windy and so long as the pilgrimage of carnage seekers find there way to area beaches with those travel mugs of libations, we can rest assured that we will come out the other side.


In the event conditions are delivered as advertised, no fee storm follow ups will commence for all active customers. If you are off schedule or currently suspending service, a requested visit will of course be honored after we rotate through active accounts.