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…fickle mistress indeed. We’ve seen the winds pick up over the past couple of hours and what began as sleet with a few drops of precipitation straining in vain to turn into flakes has become a steady diet of rain which looks to persist as temperatures look to remain in the mid to upper 30’s. Wind remains the unknown and primary issue though the upside is that the before mentioned rain has liberated limbs and lines from any lingering snow from our previous dusting.

The snow/rain line is moving toward the bridge with all the speed of Memorial Day traffic and for these parts, most weather editors have ceased breathing into paper bags and feathered back storm crisis staffs to 6 person skeleton crews while focusing their resources on rocking boats moored in south shore harbors. Ours is a wind issue and with that there is always the potential for power outages though forecasted gusts are no greater than any other calamity we’ve endured this season. I will circle back early evening on the back side of the expiring myriad of warnings, watches and newcomer, “pre-weather alert.”