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The Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect through 10 a.m. Wednesday at which time an intermission to replenish Spam, powdered milk and perhaps a carton of Prozac will run through 7 p.m.. From here, we kick off a Winter Weather Watch which will be active through 7 p.m. Thursday.

At the head of the Watch window, temperatures are forecasted to be in the middle 30 degree range before slowly sliding into the mid 20’s after midnight where it looks to stay for the foreseeable future.

The Watch is of most interest. While the professionals weather analysts are calling for 1″ – 3″ on the back end of the rain [i.e. the Watch window], we know by definition, reiterated at nauseam this year, that the criteria for a Watch is when there is the potential for 6″+ in a 12 hour period or 8″+ in 24 hours which makes this volatile cocktail the year’s first potential bi-polar vortex.

I’ll plan on circling back in 24 hours with an update on the impact of the snow to rain affair as well as any adjustments that may have been made going forward.