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The battening of hatches is on the end run under cloudy skies with a rather pleasant breeze pushing around hit and miss showers. The Tropical Storm Warning remains in effect and a Flash Flood Watch has joined the party and will be in up for 24 hours beginning this evening at 6 p.m. where early speculation leans toward 2” – 4” of total rainfall as Jose looks to slide past Nantucket approximately 125 miles south. I will plan on a final follow up mid-day tomorrow unless of course conditions worsen in the interim but on its face Jose is shaping up to mimic a traditional Nor’ Easter.


Looking further south, the spaghetti models for Maria and Lee look as though Jackson Pollock fell down a flight of stairs with a tray of paints. While much too soon to speculate on this round, it looks like a long season heading into November and I would humbly suggest that with all the sporadic comings and goings this time of year, taking a couple steps on the way out the door such as tying off the grill, storing the umbrella and flipping tables may be time well spent.