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Is it a yacht, racehorse, perhaps a performer? Nope. In the face of an official Winter Storm Warning, “windy sunshine” is one weather celebrity’s giddy forecast played on a loop throughout the day on Tuesday. What it means time will only tell but all isobars relative to the Cape scream flake news as local weather preachers remain persistent in the attempt to replace Rhode Island with Chicago.


A busy board includes the off again/on again Storm Warning, the increasingly all too common High Wind Warning and for those thinking about cutting the shrink wrap off the center console early this year, we have the illusive Heavy Freezing Spray Warning up.


Such as the last round, the Chicago winds look to slide off the coast well north of our locale though the bottom of the high/low temperature range weighs in at 10 – -4 degrees to kick off the Thursday commute.


As always, should conditions deteriorate, I will most certainly circle back but for now its winter.