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I’ve received a notably number of messages today expressing concern for impending cold weather and felt compelled to knock down some flake news apparently being disseminated across the fruited plain.


In or around the time that first slice of fruitcake was begrudgingly eaten at Christmas dinner to spare Aunt Millie’s feelings, we’ve been consistently wrapped in subzero to single digit temperatures when considering wind chills. I would dare say that it is the longest and lowest stretch of cold weather I can recall. Currently, temperatures are now flirting with the freezing mark as song birds frolic against the back drop of blue skies painted by wispy clouds.


Depending on which convoluted country’s weather model you review, temperatures forecasted to touch 40 look to start Thursday off with a round of rain that promises to convert to snow as temperatures fall back to the teens and perhaps single numbers heading into Friday. While I certainly don’t want to minimize the storm nor do I wish to rain on the parade of the chattering weather skulls who are no doubt eagerly picking out and tethering themselves to their personal broadcast ground zeros, I do wish to reiterate that save for snow, what is coming is what we’ve dealt with for the past week.