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With a number of requests to bump up heat and turn on a few lights this Friday, it can only mean one thing: the coldest day of the year is upon us.

While I’ve been able to bull my way into driveways and down third world access roads, I don’t want to create the impression that conditions are conducive to iced tea and a round of lawn darts. Any tracks by man or machine will look like Han Solo dipped in carbonite by Saturday in spite of temperatures rocketing up to the mid 20’s from a floor of 5 degrees. Last year’s plastic shovel warning is in full effect for Sunday as well whether it’s used during the low of 12 or the projected high of 15. Winds will be in the mid 20’s for both days and sporadic snow showers are fair warning that any sun will have little impact on the otherwise Ansel Adams like landscapes.

If you’re making the trip and have even the slightest concern about your driveway, please give me a call, text, email… Have a safe and happy Valentine’s Day, Ferris Wheel Day and of course President’s Day.