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For anyone who may have glimpsed any Boston news outlet this morning, you’re most likely touching up your living will. Back here in reality, we’re currently seeing the beginning of a soaker. Temperatures are forecasted to climb into the low 40’s with the heaviest rain setting in around mid day as it will then diminish and move off throughout early Friday morning.

In addition, a wind advisory has been issued and will remain in effect until 7 p.m. today. Sustained winds are currently slated to peak in the upper 20’s/low 30’s with the potential for gusts in excess of 50 mph. A big item to consider is that trees, branches, power lines, etc. are snow free. In addition, the winds, as advertised, are hardly the worst we’ve seen this season and again, power issues have been comparatively rare.

The “blinding rain” we’re looking at mid day is long overdue and welcomed in that the duration of this round of precipitation should be sufficient in washing out the hard pack and ice that has been a fixture for weeks.