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…and what could be cooler than a Winter Storm Warning? A Blizzard Warning. The threshold for blizzard conditions include suspected and frequent gusts of 35 mph and by extension and in conjunction with considerable falling and blowing snow. Along with the 10-mph median wind adjustment, a gutsy additional 2” snowfall projection turning 6” – 12” to 8” – 14” is on tap. In native terms, it looks like it may snow and blow wicked hahd.


While we’ll certainly know when it gets here, the last round called for 22” and left about half as much. In several cases, this was a tough sell to some as various plow contractors looking to manufacture business as well as a few neighbors armed with time and a phone between the blinds produced pictures that appeared as though various houses were perched on the summit of Everest. In virtually each case, the conditions were a byproduct of drifting and/or plow berms. In many instances, it is quite common to walk from knee deep to a dusting of snow in a matter of steps during swirling winds. While I take great pleasure in tamping down the shameful hysteria often conjured up, increasingly so in no small part to naming every puff of wind, by the weather editors, this outlet is designed to convey actual conditions and you will always be in the know whether I’m knee deep in it or under my bed.


Tomorrow morning may in fact begin with rain which looks to change over around 9 a.m. with peak conditions, 2” – 3” per hour, occurring mid to late afternoon.


Again, if anyone is on Cape or looking to make a run for it and uses natural or propane gas, keep an eye on the exhaust. If you can’t find it or won’t find it, by all means call. I will circle back midafternoon as indicated earlier though I did want to make everyone aware of the adjustments.