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While I call it a snow storm, a Winter Storm Warning just seems cooler and with that, we have one in effect from 6 a.m. Thursday through midnight. Current temperatures are hovering around 50 and will slowly fall throughout the day and do not appear to reach the middle 30-degree range until tomorrow morning which has some weather celebs leaning towards a mix before changing over to moderate and eventually heavy snow with winds in the 20 – 25 mph range complemented by gusts upwards of 45 – 50 mph. Temperatures look to settle into the mid 20 degree range by Thursday afternoon with wind chills flirting with single digits.


Shifting these conditions from land to sea finds us under a Gale Warning from 9 a.m. Thursday through 7 a.m. Friday for you seal seekers or home owner trying to track down your painter.


Virtually every parameter of this projected snow storm falls short of the last round so I don’t expect any drama. Once again, unless we have an oil truck deva in need of a clear path, please do not feel compelled to have your driveway plowed as liberating crushed shells from flower beds and replanting cobblestone aprons will surely cost more than tamping down garden variety snowfall.


I will follow up midafternoon Thursday unless conditions change dramatically though it appears to be a slow start to a Cape Cod snow storm.