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The Blizzard Warning is still up through this afternoon as the heavy bands appear to be within arm’s reach from the shoreline. Current totals and projections range wildly amongst the Boston prophets yet the 5 – 10” model is speculative to be sure in that anything on the ground is either a wind driven drift or a resulting dusting. Winds will persist throughout the day around the 40 mph mark and should begin taper off later this evening.


At 9:45 a.m., Orleans saw 1180 power outages while at the same time Eastham weighed in with 0. Currently, Orleans is down to 131 and Eastham has ballooned to 10.


I’ve taken a handful of alarm calls this morning all of which have been found to be byproducts of outages and subsequent surges. To a lesser degree, there have been a couple of temperature alarms calling out but to be certain, we are a long ways away from any freeze up issues.


In terms of wind, the highest gust thus far was 62 mph reported in Orleans. A Whole Gale consists of wind speeds between 55 & 63 mph.


Given the sustained winds, notable outages and the unknown going forward, follow up checks will certainly take place for each home on a March schedule.