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While the Tropical Storm Warning remains on the board until 7:15 p.m. and the Flash Flood expires at 7:00 p.m., thus far I wouldn’t consider conditions near a Nor’ Easter even in all lower case letters with a foot of snow on the ground. Heading into last evening, Maria stepped in front of the spotlight and Jose has since garnered as much attention as a fourth variation of the Frozen theme at an elementary school talent show and for seemingly good reason.

Currently, an otherwise steady diet of rain throughout the day has given way to mist, fog and nominal winds. Independent of Jose’s promotion, we have yet to realize conditions that would have otherwise prompted a heads up from my end. While the seas have all the bedside manner of my septic vendor, here on lands its business as usual.

With that said, and the realization that the cone of uncertainty is no longer exclusive to what you might get on the season ending day at the Sundae School, I’m reasonably confident that we are in a state of what you see is what you get and with that, unless or until conditions deteriorate in the coming hours, I will close the chapter on Jose with this transmission.