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In retrospect, I probably would have kept this one under my hat and waited to see how things developed before breaking out the ink well but again, given the last round and a handful of inquiries, I wanted to keep everyone in the know.


Up until noon we had an epic battle between sun and clouds and shortly thereafter it was all but dusk and calm to the extent that you could have walked around outside with a lit candle. Thus far, the weather track is straddling the elbow of the Cape and focusing its attention on the mid and upper Cape and picking up the tip having moved across the bay with a bit of steam behind it.


Beyond a couple sporadic bursts of heavy rain and the passing rumble of thunder, we’re currently in the eye of a fantastic napping afternoon. Recent reports show Flood Warnings in the mid and outer Cape areas over the next two hours and going forward, there is a trail of hit or miss pockets of heavy rain that look to continue on a NE track. Comparatively speaking, so far, we’re grinding through a bad beach day and unless or until conditions become noteworthy, we’ll close the book with this transmission.